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Finding Active Keywords to Grow Your Business: Taking Your Small Business Online

When deciding to take your small business to the next level, it can seem a little overwhelming. Finding active keywords to grow your business online is the first step. But the truth of the matter is, when you shift through all of the fluff and hype, your only left with one or two respectable sites out there that represent who they are and what they have to offer. These are going to be your true competitors in the end. But today, it’s about learning from their ups and downs.

It’s all about offering fact based information, educating, offering and insuring. When you cover these three main points, you will draw the right attention to your new business website. You can do these things with finding active keywords to grow your business. It is important to start with a plan.

When talking about learning from your competitors, we are referring to their mistakes. Many businesses do not take advantage of the internet, and their ability to use different keywords, or “hot buttons” to bring new clientele to their website or business. There are many reasons why business owners don’t try this, and when asked why they aren’t finding active keywords to grow your business the response if often the same, “They didn’t know they existed.” Don’t fall into this loop.

Here we will walk you through three steps to grow your business with Active Keyword searches:

1. You are the Client:
Go through and think about all of the different words that can be used to describe your business or line of work. From that list, go through and pick a variation of that word of phrase. That will give you a great starting point. Here is a sample:

Business/Line of work: Catering
Location: San Diego, CA
Keyword samples: Catering, Food service, Hosting, party planning, Food caterers.

2. Search engine help
From this point you will want to go through and choose one or two of the main search engine sites and use their Ad word tools (Google offers this service free). You may add the different words and see what that offers. Then from there, use that to determine what word choices will benefit your business. This is where finding active keywords to grow your business will come in to your advantage.

3. Putting it all together
Going through and taking all of this new information to bring your small business to a next level is the most important task of them all. When you go through and take what and where you are finding active keywords to grow your business, along with the following tips your business will thrive. Take these last two methods of internet marketing and watch as your business grows.

Keyword Research
This is a little like what was being discussed in step two. As you go through and think about the different words and phrases that are out there to describe your business, you can use that research to see where other business have dropped the ball, or lagged behind on the latest products or research. The more keywords your business and website uses the more clients you will bring to your site.

Article Marketing
The articles are what will be used to bring in the clients. Using different article topics you will concentrate on your keywords in those articles. This allows clients to read about your business and product, linking them to your website, and ultimately your business.

Your small business will thrive once you have created the website and gone through and taken a new, active approach. Taking a proactive approach and finding active keywords to grow your business takes a whole new approach to small business management and success in the 21st century.

The Importance of Your Concept in Writing a Business Plan for Your Small Business

What is a concept? Good question. I answer it this way: What you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it. People start with a good idea and sometimes begin the process of opening a business without properly developing the idea to the point where it makes sense to start. You need a business plan and the business plan is based on the concept. Development of your concept is an exercise that you have to go through. By doing so you are ensuring that your idea has ‘legs’.

Close your eyes and explain what is happening in your small business a year from now. “What the?” you may ask; but hold on here. This is what I am asking you to do. Answer questions like these ones. It is a Tuesday in February of next year:

What are you doing at 10 in the morning?
How about 5 in the evening?
What color is on the walls?
How many workers are on the floor?
What are they wearing?
How many customers do you have?
What are they buying?
How much are they paying?

By going through this exercise you will fully develop your concept to the point where you will eventually be able to know how many people you have to hire, how big a space you need to rent, what products you need and in what amount, and who you want to attract as customers. Think for a minute. You cannot write a business plan unless you have all the answers before you begin.

You can then take this valuable information and build your financial forecast with it. Once you have your concept worked out, go and try it on for size with some people who will give you objective feedback. Don’t go to your neighbour or brother-in-law because they may say things like: “I knew a guy who tried that and it failed.” It may be that they are jealous and are scared that you might succeed in your venture and they are terrified. Instead go and search out people who are entrepreneurs with loads of experience. Look for the white hair and wrinkles. They’ve made the mistakes you’ll make if you don’t listen to them. Got it?

After getting solid feedback go back and tweak your concept and then give it a go again. By going through this process you’ll be able to clearly define your concept and get closer to turning your idea into an actual business. People who have clearly defined concepts usually succeed more than those who just “wing it”. The difference? The ones that succeed have a business plan and the business plan is based around a well thought-out concept.

And remember, if your idea is not well received – lingerie and bait shop? – abandon it and look at something new. Never and I mean never ever go ahead without having received positive feedback about your idea. Listen, please.